A bride on TikTok feels like her wedding was a complete waste of time and money. Image via Unsplash

Bride ‘traumatised’ after guests leave R690k wedding 15 min after arriving

‘What a waste of a nice dress and decor,’ the bride sadly captioned a video from her expensive wedding which lasted less than an hour.


A bride on TikTok feels like her wedding was a complete waste of time and money. Image via Unsplash

A young bride named Nisrina Sayeed has gone viral on TikTok after sharing her sad wedding story on the app. According to her clip, everything about her perfect day went wrong as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Sayeed explained that she and her husband and family spent around £35 000 (about R690 000) for the wedding only to have guests leave around 15 minutes after they arrived.

Bride in disbelief after R690k wedding flops

For many brides, their wedding needs to be a memorable experience. Unfortunately, many weddings were ruined by the COVID-19 pandemic because of all the restrictions that were put into place to halt the spread of the deadly virus.

One bride sadly shared how the pandemic ruined her wedding and cost her and her family thousands of pounds. Taking to TikTok, Nisrina Sayeed shared that they had spent a total of £35 000 (about R690 000) on the wedding just for guests to leave around 15 minutes after they arrived.

She captioned the video which was shared on 21 March this year:

“Thinking about how me & my husband (and my family) spent £35k just to have people leave with takeaway food and literally stay for 15-30 mins.

According to Sayeed, the initial plan was to have the wedding over the weekend and a buffet-style dinner. The black and gold theme they chose was meant for their engagement celebrations but this didn’t happen.

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An unexpected change of plans

“The original plan was to have the engagement, the Nikah (Muslim ceremony), and then the big wedding reception,” she said.

And so they decided to just have a wedding but because of the pandemic, instead of a buffet, they were forced to serve takeaway meals.

“Long story short, the country’s quarantine rule messed up the entire plan. And then two days before the wedding, we weren’t allowed a buffet anymore and had to take takeaway food.”

Because of fears of spreading the virus, many of the guests simply took their takeaways and left, something that left the bride and groom “traumatised”.

“Leaving us very traumatised of our own wedding, what a waste of a nice dress & decor.”

The post received many reactions from TikTok users who shared their own stories about how the pandemic had also ruined many of their special plans.

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