wifi security

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‘Big brain moves’: YouTuber trades WiFi password for free 24-hour security!

YouTuber Mister Flak revealed his secret to free security — sharing his WiFi password with all the local security companies.

wifi security

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South African YouTuber Mister Flak revealed he gave his WiFi password to all local security companies, now he has free security via a tweet on 29 October. 


Mister Flak revealed that he created a separate guest channel on his WiFi router, gave it 20 megabytes per second speed and then gave the password to all the local security companies. He went on to say that the security guards now sit outside his house all day. This is how he got free security.

“I created a separate wifi guest channel on my router and gave it 20mbps speed, (and) gave the password to all the local security companies. Now they sit outside all day. #freesecurity,” he wrote on Twitter.

Over the thread of tweets he shared pictures of the security guards parking outside his home to use the Wi-Fi. 

“This dude might as well come inside. He lives here,” he wrote. 

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Taking to the comments section of the tweet, a Tweep thought he had “big brain moves” and asked him to solve the power crisis next. 

“Can you solve our power crisis next? #BigBrainMoves,” wrote @ambel_barnard.

“Dissolve Eskom and allow private foreign energy companies to operate in South Africa freely with a minimum criteria of creating only renewable energy and requiring them to hire local workers in their non specialist roles. They would have to register locally for tax generation,” responded Mister Flak. 

Tweeps also thought he was really smart for this.

“So basically if I sit outside your house I get speeds more than 3x faster than my current one hmmm sounds like a plan. Jokes aside that is actually really smart and it seems they love it,” wrote @NeverDiePSN.

“At first I was like “this guy is so wholesome, always doing nice things” and then I was like ‘this guy is smart AF’… But well done dude,” wrote @P1nk_Unic0rn.

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