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Woolworths has defended its decision to block criticism of their Pride campaign.
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‘Not up for debate’: Woolworths claps back at Pride merch backlash

Woolworths has fired back at criticism of their decision to block ‘hateful’ comments criticising their Pride campaign…

woolworths, pride

Woolworths has defended its decision to block criticism of their Pride campaign.
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Woolworths has finally responded to the backlash from blocking the views of customers criticising their Pride campaign. And according to the retailer, they’re simply standing by the Constitution.

The retailer has been the source of much social media backlash after introducing its new LGBTQ line of merchandise in stores last week.

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In their Pride campaign – using the tagline “Be an ally” – Woolworths has introduced a limited range of merchandise showcasing the LGBTQ flag.

This includes T-shirts, sweatshirts, socks, hats, and bags. According to the retailer, a portion of the sales will go towards LGBTQ charities.

It said in a statement: “We’ve adapted our working wardrobe policy to recognise everyone’s unique preferences to style, cultural or religious needs, and gender identity or expression.

“We know that there’s always more to be done, and we’ll keep looking for ways to enable, uplift and celebrate the LGTBQIA+ community.”

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But while Woolies got the thumbs up from many South Africans, they also received widespread backlash from consumers who criticised the campaign.

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@mrraphy: “Because of this tweet, I’m canceling my shop account. I will not directly support anymore who directly promotes what I don’t believe in”.

@ilyas36532820: “Muslims kindly boycott Woolworths as supporting then will be endorsing their ideals and directly supporting that which Allah has forbidden.”

@Willemvandyk: “I will never go there again. Woolworths lost all my respect for a reputable company.”

Woolworths, pride month, celebrate, Tweeps, LGBTQIA+
It’s Pride Month and Woolworths is celebrating. But while many love the campaign, some Tweeps are calling for a boycott. Image: Screenshots via Twitter @WOOLWORTHS_SA.


Apart from criticism from their Pride campaign, Woolworths was also admonished by consumers for deleting comments and blocking those that had.

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When one tweep asked the retailer why they were “censoring” free speech, Woolies responded on Twitter: “Every person has the right to dignity regardless of their identity – this is a fact enshrined in our constitution. It is not up for debate”.

It added as a warning: “A reminder that our community guidelines don’t allow for hate speech or discrimination. Our values are firmly in favour of kindness and inclusivity. We do our best to actively moderate our comment section to reflect that”.

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