A waiter takes an order.

A waiter takes an order. Image via Facebook @702

[WATCH] Waterfront restaurant waiter rejects R5 tip off R480 bill

I was giving my R5 out of my heart”: Patron reveals a waiter at Waterfront restaurant rejected his tip after paying R480 bill.

A waiter takes an order.

A waiter takes an order. Image via Facebook @702

A patron recently shared his bill of R480 on social media and reveled that he tipped the waiter R5 who returned it as he was not pleased.

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The patron reveals in the video (shared by X user @Yolokazi_chagi) that he and his friend only had R5 to tip the waiter after spending R480 at Den Anker restaurant in Waterfront.

Social media user @Yolokazi_chagi captioned the video: “Their restaurant bill was a total of R400 and tipped waiter with R5. He rejected it and they wanna know if u were them how would u feel about the rejection?”

The patron who uses handle @qiqqa16 on TikTok says in the video: “Hello guys, so I am at Dan Anker. So, what happened is that we are out. We ordered and the bill came and the person I am with said I am not gonna be able to tip this guy. So, I gave the tip of R5. Tell me if I am wrong?”

He adds that the waiter gave the R5 back and just said thank you and took money for the bill.

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@chan_Nav: “Applying an American mindset to a South African waiter’s delivered bill is ludicrous! Waiters receive a firm salary from the restaurant (unlike their American counterparts) and most are NOT even South African to start off with (let’s get real). You should not be obliged to tip UNLESS the service was spectacular. Come for me if you wish.”

@Nthosago: “I still don’t understand why it looks like a tip is a must! Shouldn’t the tip come from the heart for excellent service rendered? Are they not paid by their employer?:”

@tendaimakore: “What can you buy in that same restaurant with your 5 rand. If nothing, then rather not embarrass yourself or the waiter. Probably the waiter realised you needed the 5 rand more than he did?”

@kasharizona: “I’m not South African but R5 in this crazy economy? Com’ on, I rather not give at all. Before you start yelling xyz humble yourself into that young man’s shoes.”

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