Snake at cricket stadium. Image via Twitter

Snake slithers onto cricket stadium, interrupts game [WATCH]

Watch video of a large snake, which brought a halt to a cricket match in Sri Lanka by slithering onto the pitch.


Snake at cricket stadium. Image via Twitter

A large snake recently slithered onto the pitch midway through a game and stopped a cricket match in Sri Lanka.

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Jacaranda FM reports that that the large snake slithered onto a Lanka Premier League game in Colombo, Sri Lanka and brought the play to a halt.

The publication adds that the reptile interrupted the game between Galle Titans and Dambulla Aura which took place this past weekend.

The video also shows that the fourth umpire shushed the snake away from the cricket game.

The BBC reports that the reptile is believed to be a non-venomous rat snake.

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 @ypradadumna: “He came to visit Mushi, his childhood friend.”

@Myliferule85: “He is also your fan.”

@india_nova88: “Looks like the “hisss-terical” moment in the Lanka Premier League caught everyone by surprise! Who knew that even the snakes are cricket enthusiasts and wanted to witness some “s-s-superb” shots on the field?

@SabrySingh: “OMG.. eww.. my blood crawls… hope the players aren’t turned off reptiles.”

@KakaireMoh: “In Africa it would be singing was angles in heaven.”

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