The next Ibiza? Calls to turn

Image: Canva/Twitter/Player457

The next Ibiza? Calls to turn Robben Island into a ‘party island’

Some South Africans believe that Robben Island could be the ultimate ‘party destination’ like Ibiza, Monaco… or even Dubai.

The next Ibiza? Calls to turn

Image: Canva/Twitter/Player457

Social media users are suggesting that Robben Island – which saw Nelson Mandela jailed for 18 of his 27 years during apartheid – should be turned into South Africa’s very own party island similar to that of Ibiza.

Robben Island the world’s largest party destination

After Robben Island – which is situated west of the coast of Bloubergstrand, north of Cape Town – turned red when the EFF claimed more than half of the ballots registered at this iconic landmark in this year’s local elections, social media users started a trending dialogue, saying that the island is the perfect spot for a never-ending party.

Resorts and other family-friendly activities

In response to the tweet by Tshepiso Vanessa Ralehlathe, another Twitter user suggested that it might be a good idea to build a bridge from the V&Waterfront to the island, split the island in two with resorts, amusement parks, malls and other family-friendly activities on one side, and clubs, hotels, high-end stores, restaurants and more on the other side.

Sir Richie said on Twitter that Robben Island is like Monaco – “and it’s good considering that Robben island is almost three times the size of Monaco, it is a very feasible idea.”

Luke Lucas said that the “party island” should also have a landing strip for international visitors.

Some were not in agreement, saying that “your tweet reads like a horror script” and that “the government cannot even fix potholes, never mind build a bridge”.

A painful history

Robben Island Museum (RIM) – who is responsible for managing, maintaining, presenting, developing and marketing Robben Island – also noted and “appreciated” the trending dialogue on Twitter, but said that Robben Island is ultimately a site of memory about our painful history as a nation.

While it’s uncertain whether the Twitter user who shared the initial ide was serious or not, a spokesperson for the Robben Island Museum, Morongoa Ramaboa, said that they would rather accommodate the youth of today in a different way:

“Robben Island Museum (RIM) notes and appreciates the trending dialogue on Twitter among the youth of South Africa and appreciates the vast interest and knowledge about the acclaimed National and World Heritage Site,” Ramaboa said according to IOL.

“RIM is a space of dialogue and learning as well as a site of memory about our painful history as a nation. In accommodating our youth and to further educate them about the history of Robben Island, RIM hosts a number of exhibitions, events, outreach and educational programmes on the island.”