new year's day

Try these New Year’s Day traditions to have good luck in the New Year. Image via Pixabay

#NoCurfewOnNewYearsEve: Churches oppose New Year’s Eve curfew

‘Tired of being undermined while the taverns are operating’: Church goers in Mzansi are asking for no curfew restrictions on New Year’s Eve.

new year's day

Try these New Year’s Day traditions to have good luck in the New Year. Image via Pixabay

New Year’s Eve is the one night in December that most of the world looks forward to, but unfortunately for South Africans, it might not be as exciting as we’d hoped.

Social media users have taken to Twitter with the hashtag #NoCurfewOnNewYearsEve to ask President Cyril Ramaphosa to ease curfew restrictions for Friday 31 December. 


On 16 December it was announced that the National Coronavirus Command Council (NCCC) has decided that South Africa would remain on adjusted Level 1. 

“It is in our hands to maintain the current break in the clouds into the lasting sunshine in order to have a safer and joyous Christmas and prosperous New Year celebrations,” read a portion of their statement. 

Remaining in adjusted Level 1 means that curfew is from 00:00 to 04:00 meaning every South African must be at their place of residence between those times. 

Religious, social, political and cultural gatherings are limited to 750 people indoors and 2 000 people outdoors. The same applies to restaurants, bars, shebeens and taverns. 


Mzansi has taken to Twitter asking President Cyril Ramaphosa to consider easing the curfew restrictions for New Year’s Eve on Friday 31 December. One Twitter user highlighted that curfew should be eased specifically for churches. 

“We say no stricter restrictions to churches on this new years eve because we are tired of being undermined while the taverns are operating fully but your law enforcement targets churches.”

Another wrote: “Every year we crossover to the new year glorifying our God. So d not deny us that. Taverns and sheebeens will be opened anyway so why all these restrictions are only applied to the church?”

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31 December 2020 was a completely different time as South Africa was moved from Level 1 to adjusted Level 3 on 29 December due to a rise in COVID-19 infections.

Curfew was 21:00 and several major cities including Johannesburg, Durban, Garden Route and Waterberg in Limpopo were considered COVID-19 hotspots.