Lalela Mswane financial savvy

Lalela Mswane is ready to wow SA with her financial skills.
Image via Facebook

‘It’s a no from SA’: Tweeps REFUSE to vote for Lalela at Miss Universe

‘Why would we vote for Miss Apartheid?’: Lalela Mswane has been met with overwhelming criticism after her appeal for Miss Universe votes.

Lalela Mswane financial savvy

Lalela Mswane is ready to wow SA with her financial skills.
Image via Facebook

Miss SA Lalela Mswane is currently in Israel competing for the Miss Universe crown – but she needs your help to advance to the semi-finals.

But it comes as no surprise that the beauty queen’s appeal for help has been met largely on deaf ears. In fact, many South Africans are even enraged that the 21-year-old LLB graduate would consider the move. This after her controversial run-up to the Miss Universe pageant.


Miss SA shared instructions on their social media accounts of how to vote for Lalela Mswane at the Miss Universe pageant. The finale takes place on 12 December 2021 in Eilat, Israel.

They captioned the post: “There are only 2 weeks left until the 70th @MissUniverse competition! Download the @MissUniverse app and vote for @Lalela_lali to make it into the semi-finals!”.

Ironically, Miss SA shared the post on 29 November, observed as “The International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People”.

The post has been met with an overwhelming amount of criticism from the public. Many tweeps voiced their anger and frustration at the appeal

“First vote is free but do you know who isn’t free? PALESTINE.”

“Why would we vote for Miss Apartheid?”

“Which app can I download to vote for a free Palestine?”

“It’s a no from South Africans.”

“Is the vote for you to researching the history of the land you are competing for a beauty contest in. And to make better and more informed life choices?”

“You called us bullies and now you want us to vote?”

“We will not be voting for you, hope you lose!”


Meanwhile, Miss Universe participants – including Lalela Mswane – will be granted a travel ban waiver to enter the country, claimed an Israeli official.

Israel imposed amid a travel ban last week on people from most African countries. This after new Covid-19 variant; Omicron was discovered in South Africa.

According to Reuters, Tourism Minister Yoel Razvozov revealed that Miss Universe participants would be granted waivers  as well as undergoing other preventative measures like PCR testing every 48 hours.

He told reporters on Sunday:  “This is an event that will be broadcast in 174 countries, a very important event, an event that Eilat, too, is very much in need of”. 

Lalela Mswane arrived in Israel over the weekend.