Makhosozane 'MaShelembe' Shelembe

‘Mnakwethu’ wife, Makhosazana ‘MaShelembe’ Shelembe. Image via Twitter @Angelas06641766

Feelgood Friday: MaShelembe’s drive-through baby shower is back on!

The provincial baby shower for ‘Mnakwethu’s’ MaShelembe is back on after it was cancelled following a misunderstanding.

Makhosozane 'MaShelembe' Shelembe

‘Mnakwethu’ wife, Makhosazana ‘MaShelembe’ Shelembe. Image via Twitter @Angelas06641766

South Africans all expressed excitement after hearing that there would be a national baby shower for Makhosazana “MaShelembe” Shelembe.

The KwaZulu-Natal woman became an overnight sensation after appearing on Mzansi Magic’s Mnakwethu where her husband, Bheki Langa, revealed that he paid lobola for his pregnant mistress.

A tearful “MaShelembe” captured Mzansi’s heart as she expressed concern over her unborn child’s life as the couple is also suffering financially.

Mzansi rallies together to help MaShelembe

After watching a heartbroken “MaShelembe” deal with the shock of her husband’s infidelity and decision to take another wife, MaShelembe was approached by journalist Ncumisa Ndelu who offered to spoil MaShelembe with a day out.

She then discovered that MaShelembe was expecting and the day out turned into travelling from Nquthu to Durban in a luxury vehicle where she would be spoiled with a weekend of pampering leading to up the baby shower – sponsored by generous donors.

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A quickly averted crisis

Unfortunately, the event that was scheduled to take place on Sunday 26th September was cancelled because event organisers Ncumisa Ndelu and Nomfundo Mathonsi booked two baby showers on the same day.

Despite confirming that she would attend Ndelu’s event she allowed Mathonsi also to continue with her plans.

MaShelembe apologised to Ndelu who shared this post online:

“She expressed the precarious position she found herself in and requested that I continue with the provincial baby shower. I accepted her apology, unconditionally, which then put the responsibility to reconsider my decision squarely on my shoulders,” she said in an IOL article.

Ndelu then shared that the baby shower will be held on Sunday 3 October at the Durban Botanic Gardens. She also explained that it is still a drive-through and COVID-19 regulations will be observed.

Image via Ncumisa Ndelu

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