woolworths, frog

A Johannesburg shopper found a frog in her Woolworths spinach.
Images via TikTok:

‘I’m terrified’: Woman denies planting frog in Woolworths salad [watch]

Farm fresh? A Jozi woman has spoken out about finding a FROG in her Woolworths fresh produce. Here’s what happened…

woolworths, frog

A Johannesburg shopper found a frog in her Woolworths spinach.
Images via TikTok:

A Johannesburg woman has denied planting a frog in a packet of her Woolworths spinach in a video that has gone viral on social media.

Connie  Bhebhe – a make-up artist – posted the video on TikTok.

It’s not the first time Woolies shoppers have discovered strange objects in their fresh produce.  Rats, snakes, and spiders have been found in stores and packaged products.

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In the video, Connie Bhebhe revealed how she discovered a tiny frog in her packet of Woolworths spinach.

“Ixoxo [frog],” the woman says of the tiny creature.

Tagging the retailer, she captioned the clip: “Please explain”.

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While Bhebhe appreciated the farm’s fresh produce, she wasn’t a fan of the four-legged visitor. 

She added: “He survived in there for two days eating spinach.”

She also denied “planting” the frog in the packet.

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Bhebhe – who ordered the item via the Woolies Dash app – told The South African: “I don’t live anywhere where frigs stay, and Im terrified of reptiles, so that’s unlikely Id wake up early in the morning to search for a frog.”

Despite the scary experience, Bhebhe claimed she would continue to shop at the store.

“It’s not a train smash, but it definitely opened my eyes to how disconnected we are from how our food grows.”

In a follow-up TikTok video, she added: “Don’t blacklist Woolies after this”


@Woolworths SA please explain

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According to Bhebhe, Woolworths responded via email: “Your concern will be investigated, and feedback will be provided as soon as it is available.”

The South African contacted Woolworths for a comment. None was received at the time of publishing.