Struggling to find EGGS? Here is why

Struggling to find EGGS? Here is why Photos: Stock/Canva

Egg price comparisons: Checkers, Woolworths, Pick n Pay and Shoprite

We compare egg prices from Woolworths, Checkers, Shoprite and Pick n Pay as egg prices have sky-rocketed due to the avian flu outbreak.

Struggling to find EGGS? Here is why

Struggling to find EGGS? Here is why Photos: Stock/Canva

An avian flu outbreak in South Africa has caused egg prices to escalate with some retailers limiting the number of eggs each consumer can buy.

NOTE: This is an updated article with the latest egg prices

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South Africans were outraged this week when a social media user @Xee_GP shared an image of a tray of 30 eggs costing more than R129.99, while 60 eggs cost around R239.99.

According to Reuters, retailers Woolworths and Pick n Pay are limiting the number of eggs shoppers can buy as the country’s worst outbreak of avian flu hits table egg supplies and threatens the supply of chicken meat.

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The publication adds that there may be hope for South Africans as popular retailer Spar is looking at importing eggs from several Southern African countries.

Jacques Roets, who is the divisional commodities manager for the Spar Group reveals that the retailer is also actively collaborating with bigger suppliers and exploring new opportunities to ensure a consistent egg supply and further reduce risk.

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“This diversification strategy includes discussions with several Southern African countries to potentially import eggs,” added Rotes.

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  • Six pack of Nulaid eggs vary from R26 to R30
  • 18 pack of Jumbo eggs costs R70
  • 18 pack for Jumbo extra-large eggs are R56


  • Six pack of free-range eggs costs nearly R30
  • 18 pack of Solitaire large free-range eggs is R70
  • 18 pack of Nulaid Premium Grade 1 Free Range Large eggs is R75


  • Six pack Mixed size eggs are R25
  • Six pack free range large eggs are R30
  • Six pack extra-large eggs are R40
  • Six pack Free range Jumbo eggs are R48


  • Six pack Africa Medium eggs are R20
  • Six pack PNP Large eggs are R23
  • Six pack PNP Jumbo eggs are R28
  • Six pack Humpty Dumpty Jumbo eggs costs R28
  • 18 pack prices range vary from R65 to R80
  • 24 pack are nearly R90
  • 30 pack PNP extra-large eggs are R105

The egg price comparisons from Checkers, Pick n Pay, Woolies and Shoprite was first compiled by IOL.

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