durban, e. coli, beaches

Durban parents are warning of the dangers of swimming in E. coli contaminated beaches.
Images via TikTok: @ravina._r369

‘It’s very serious’: Durban mom warns public after child’s hospitalisation over E. coli

A Durban mother has shared how her young daughter contracted the Shigella virus from beaches contaminated with E. coli.

durban, e. coli, beaches

Durban parents are warning of the dangers of swimming in E. coli contaminated beaches.
Images via TikTok: @ravina._r369

Durban parents are warning the public against swimming in local beaches amid a high detection rate of E. coli. This after numerous children were hospitalised after becoming infected from contaminated waters.

One mom in particular has revealed how her young child contracted the Shigella virus, which is highly contagious.

According to experts, E. coli levels have exceeded levels that are deemed safe to swim in.

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According to the eThekwini Municipality, six more Durban beaches have been shut down after high levels of E. coli were detected in recent days.

They are:

  • Point, Ushaka, South, North, Battery, and Country beaches.

In a statement, officials at the municipality attributed the excessive bacteria levels to recent heavy rainfall.

It said: “These results show levels of E. coli that are higher than normal. This is after several days of heavy rainfall in Durban, which washes pollution from rivers, streams, and stormwater systems into the ocean. This has been linked to the latest “poor” beach water quality results.

“It is common to have poor water quality when heavy rains continue to batter the city. This results in pollution, including foreign objects washing from rivers and streams, as well as other water sources, into the ocean.

The municipality confirmed that the beaches with “poor” water quality had been closed. Re-sampling and daily monitoring of the beaches continue.


Meanwhile, one mom has warned how her daughter landed in the hospital after becoming ill after visiting a Durban beach.

According to the woman who posted her warning on TikTok, her family went swimming at the Durban Undersea Club (DUC) beach, which had an “excellent” water quality report.

She shared: “On Monday evening, Charlie got a fever. The next day, she had an upset stomach that progressively got worse with stomach pain and blood in her stools.

“Charlie got admitted to the hospital early Saturday morning. Tests have come back, and she has Shigella virus, this is a bacterial infection in the intestines from contaminated water.

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“It is a very serious if left untreated and can be and can only be treated with antibiotics. The pediatrician has had two cases that were left too late, and the kiddies were on dialysis for renal failure.”

durban, e. coli, beaches
A Durban mom has warned over the dangers of E. coli infested beaches. Images via TikTok: @ravina._r369

Others shared how their own family members had become ill after swimming in local waters.

@l_e_n_e: “My mom died due to E. coli. She was in Ballito last year.”

@lorean_lizelle_minnaar: “My nephew went through this very same ordeal this year.”

@azuree: “My boy was also in hospital for the same virus. He got sick after we went to the beach. I don’t wish this on any parent.

@leratomahlangu: “My whole family got sick in Umhlanga. Definitely not going back

@caroline: “My son also experienced this after we went to the beach. He fainted the next day and started frothing. Tummy was upset. It is such a serious situation.”