taraji p henson

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#BlackEmpirement: Five inspirational Taraji P Henson quotes

Taraji P Henson had some jewels to pass on to our sisters.

taraji p henson

Twitter / FOX Africa

We all love her as Cookie on Empire, the TV show. Taraji P Henson, on Monday, touched down on our shores serving all sorts of looks. 

Taraji is currently on an international media tour and South Africa must be her home away from home because the sis’ was very comfortable and all smiles.

Why Taraji P Henson is in South Africa 

Naturally, when news of Taraji being in South Africa broke out, everyone flocked to social media to find out what game Cookie was going to spit. After all, her character on Empire is known best for her famous quotes. Much like

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“the streets aren’t made for everybody, that’s why they made sidewalks,”

On Empire, she is cunning and has an edge about her as the matriarch of a rising dynasty. In person, however, Taraji has a strong presence and an encapsulating aura.

Her empathy for the struggles of women in business and in demanding careers can be heard in how she speaks about her journey. 

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On Monday, she sat down with different media personalities like Nandi Madida at the Fox Africa studios and Anele Mdoda at 947 to impart her knowledge with us.

She touched on it all, from her experiences on Empire and the caricature of Cookie, to her memoirs and all the other fun stuff she’s got lined up in the next year.

These are the six quotes that we fell in love with.

Taraji P Henson on money

“Money doesn’t make it all go away. Money fixes nothing. I know people who are filthy rich, and who are the most miserable people in the world,”

Taraji speaking to Nandi Madida at Fox Africa studios.

On love and relationships

“I know what I want. He knows what he wants. Age really doesn’t matter. It’s experiences in life that will age you,”

Taraji speaking with Bridget Masinga on ‘The B Side’.

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On pregnancy

“When I fell pregnant I knew people thought I was gonna quit school, but I didn’t. In fact when I was graduating I held my baby boy with me to the stage to collect my degree,”

Taraji speaking to Nandi Madida at Fox Africa studios.

On her peers

“It’s a great feeling that all my black ladies that I went to school with are working hard and doing so well in the industry,,”

Taraji speaking to Nandi Madida at Fox Africa studios.

On self-reflection and acceptance

“I try and look at myself as a comedian. I laugh at myself a lot and I don’t take myself too personally and I will beat you to the punch about myself before you can,”

Taraji interview with Kaya FM