BI Phakathi has changed this man’s life. Image via Facebook: BI Phakathi

BI Phakathi gifts homeless man R10k to start spaza shop [watch]

South African philanthropist BI Phakathi has warmed many hearts after giving a homeless man R10 000 to open his dream business.


BI Phakathi has changed this man’s life. Image via Facebook: BI Phakathi

South Africa’s selfless do-gooder BI Pakathi has once again managed to light up the world of someone deeply in need. In a recent clip which he shared on Facebook, Phakathi can be seen helping out a homeless man called Raja and has once again received high praise from local and international fans of his work.

BI Phakathi changes a man’s life

On Saturday 1 October, local philanthropist BI Pakathi helped to set a man’s life back on track after spotting him begging in the streets. In a clip that he shared on his popular Facebook page, the homeless man explains that his name is Raja.

After hearing that Raja had not had anything to eat, BI offered to buy him some food and give him some money to travel back to Durban where he comes from while the two of them had a chat about what Raja’s hopes and dreams are.

He then explained to Phakathi that he would love to open a spaza shop – something BI loved to hear. Not long after hearing about Raja’s spaza shop dreams, BI sent him R10 000 to help him fulfill this dream.

Naturally, Raja could not believe his luck and expressed his gratitude to a humbled Phakathi.

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Thousands of hearts are touched

The post like many of Phakathi’s other posts, went viral. Thousands of people flocked to the comment section where they showered Phakathi with compliments and words of praise. Here are some of their comments:

Sanjita Sinha said:

“You are so sweet sir god bless you to each and every moment. We pray for you every day Love from India.”

Drelyn Luke Govender said:

“This is amazing ???? ???? keep up the awesome work and putting smiles on many faces may our king Jesus continue to bless you”

Phakathi previously also went viral after he gifted an old lady with some blankets and gift parcels and is also seen in a number of other videos on the Facebook page BI Phakathi helping people who are struggling to make ends meet.

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