Watch: The basic steps for the

Photo: Facebook/Marion Thomas

Watch: The basic steps for the ‘Jerusalema’ dance challenge [video]

The ‘Jerusalema’ challenge created by SA’s very own, Master KG continues to take the world by storm with people all over the world putting their best foot forward.

Watch: The basic steps for the

Photo: Facebook/Marion Thomas

Keren Zumba, like many others, recently noted that many people are looking to learn the steps to the now-viral ‘Jerusalema’ dance challenge.


All around the world, people, including health care workers, metro police officers and priests, have been sharing videos of themselves dancing to the song under the hashtag #JerusalemaChallenge. According to the song’s creator, Master KG, the dance challenge started in Angola when a group of friends recorded a video of the dance choreography that has since gone viral.

The song, that was released in 2019, reached a new peak on the ‘Shazam global top 200’ earlier in June when the dance challenge hit the internet. Master KG later said he was incredibly proud of the success the song had garnered.

“I am so happy, it’s a dream come true for Jerusalema to be top four on Shazam global charts. I’ve always adored other artists being on the charts and now it’s my turn. It’s a really exciting moment.”

Dancing along

Now, many are taking part in the challenge, including, SA’s Finance Minister Tito Mboweni and staff from the False Bay Hospital, in Cape Town.

In a recent video, staff of the False Bay Hospital can be seen dancing to the song. The video clocked in over 50 000 views on Facebook with the caption:

“FBH Staff brought the rhythm and we danced for you, South Africa!! Thank you to Ignite U for making this possible and working around our schedules. You brought the technique and we added the flavour… FBH Staff busted some awesome moves on the helipad, surrounded by our mountains through the wind, rain and sunshine…. it helped to rejuvenate our team! Well done, team!”

Learning the steps

If you are thinking of learning the steps and taking part, watch as Keren Zumba breaks it down on YouTube: