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Avoid the lockdown blues by trying these fun garden activities

You may be locked in, but you can still get some fresh air and have fun in your garden.


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During lockdown, why not give these fun, healthy activities a try.

Eat outdoors

Light the braai or enjoy a meal with the family outside. Pack a basket full of delicious snacks, grab a blanket and have a picnic. Or set up a beautiful spot in your garden, prepare a few small treats, get the kettle whistling and have a tea party with the kids.

Do some gardening

Gardening lowers stress and anxiety levels, provides exercise and tops up vitamin D levels. The season is changing and there is plenty of gardening to be done.

Connect with other gardeners online and share tips and photos. Start growing your own vegetables. It’s time to plant leeks and onions, root crops (carrots, beetroot, radishes, turnips), brassicas (broccoli, kale, cabbage, cauliflower), leaf crops (lettuce, chard, spinach and Asian greens) and some legumes like peas and broad beans.

Reading in the garden

Make a cup of coffee and head outside to enjoy your favourite book or finally get to reading those books you’ve always wanted to tick off your list. If reading is not your thing, listen to an audiobook instead.

Get creative

Relieve stress and anxiety by grabbing some craft materials and try out painting, drawing, or colouring in. Make a collage or bask in the sun while you knit a scarf for the winter.

Meditation, mindfulness and yoga

Practices like meditation, mindfulness and yoga will help you stay calm, focused, remain present and appreciate what you have.


Get your heart rate up, boost your immune system and mood with a quick exercise session in the garden. You don’t need any equipment for a good workout and there are lots of free online videos to take you through a routine.

Go camping in your garden

Pitch a tent and imagine that you are camping in your favourite spot. Enjoy the bird sounds as you wake up and even make coffee in a flask or boil a kettle on the fire.


While spending more time outdoors, take in the magnificent star-filled night sky. Use an app like Stellarium to find your favourite planets.

Bird and insect watching

Keep track or take photos of all the different birds or insects that come to visit the garden. Make your own birdfeeder or insect hotel with recycled material.

Play games in your garden

Create an obstacle course or scavenger hunt, hide some treats and make a map with clues to follow. Build a rocket or fort with boxes or blankets. Create and bury a time capsule in your garden.

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