This Atul Gupta Twitter parody

This Atul Gupta Twitter parody account is simply hilarious

A new Atul Gupta Twitter parody account is throwing some serious shade and making some funny AF comments. Check it out over here

This Atul Gupta Twitter parody

A parody Twitter account for Atul Gupta, one of the infamous Gupta brothers, has emerged online and it’s simply hilarious.

The account, under the handle @Atulnaai, reads:

“Naturalised Citizen of SA (thx Gigs) | All (JZ’s) views are my own | Here for Mzansi.”

It seems ‘Atul’ can also be located in Saxonworld, Dubai and even Worldwide. The address linked to the account is in fact – the online department store.

At the moment the account has 608 followers and 418 Tweets. The account has been active since June 2017, and since then ‘Atul’ has been tweeting quite regularly:

He even took part in the 947 cycle challenge:

And comments on ‘his friendship’ with Jacob Zuma regularly:

He also claims he could’ve secured South Africa as the host of the Rugby World Cup 2023:

And here’s a shout out to KPMG:

And no, just to be clear, he didn’t buy Jacques Pauw’s book, The President’s Keepers:

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