Dogs who ate bees and immediat

Dogs who ate bees and immediately regretted it [photos]

These cute little pups had to learn the hard way when it comes to making friends with bees! Here are 18 dogs who ate bees and immediately regretted it:

Dogs who ate bees and immediat

Dogs are playful by nature and usually play with your shoes, balls and sometimes bees. It’s not their fault they’ve never been warned about the dangers of bees and their sharp stingers. And so we get to the following adorable little pups who had to learn the hard way after they ate bees.

Social Media users shared the most adorable pictures of their pups and their swollen cheeks. These dogs innocently played with bees (or perhaps ate them), and judging by these pictures, they immediately regretted it. As it turns out, most dogs, like most humans, are very sensitive to bee venom.

  1. Just look at this cute little smushy face: / Via

2. This one is not in the mood for any more shenanigans:

3. Isn’t this the most adorable little thing….

4. Get.Out.Of.My.Face

5. When you just want to go to bed….

6. These humans taking pictures, again…

7. When you just want to go home…

8. Can I come inside now please?

9. That looks like it hurts!

10. This one definitely learned his lesson. Just look at those cheeks!

11. Feeling a little droopy, old sport?

This dog who needs a lonnngggg nap.

12. Maybe this one played with the ball for too long!

This dog who really doesn't appreciate pictures right now.

13. When playtime hurts like hell.

This dog who just wants a vacation.

14. Just call me Sleepy.

This dog who would really like to be left alone.

15. Trying to see your reflection like…

This dog who prefers to stay indoors from now on.

16. Where’s the mirror:

This dog who just wanted some dessert.

17. This pup looks quite happy about the situation:

This dog who hasn't looked in a mirror yet.

18. Can we go play now?!

This dog who currently hates its life.

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