Artist creates ‘secret friends

Artist creates ‘secret friends’ by drawing on people’s backs [photos]

AnaHell has taken on a project she likes to call, Secret friends; a little unusual, but ever so creative.

Artist creates ‘secret friends

Artist and photographer, AnaHell, took on her project “Secret Friends” and showed people of the world you can basically do anything if you have some imagination.

By drawing on people’s backs she creates caricatures from the use of human bodies. She told that she “plays with the ordinary and deconstructs it to reveal another perspective.”

On her website she says Secret Friends is an ongoing project that aims to poke fun at everyday life by quite literally bending reality and creating a new dimension in the midst of ordinary situations.

“My project “Secret Friends” are about playmates, reflections, villains, strange and wonderful creatures from another world, the kind that children create when they’re alone.”


Take a look at the Secret Friends below:

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Visit AnaHell’s Facebook page for more information.