Watch: Toyota Corolla ads thro

Watch: Toyota Corolla ads through the years [video]

Guys trying their best, family pets having their say and standing tall in the new South Africa. You’ll see them all in these top commercials from the makers of the people’s car.

Watch: Toyota Corolla ads thro

As we celebrate 50 years of the Toyota Corolla as a car for the people, let’s take a trip down memory lane with the very best of their South African TV adverts. You might even say they’re as reliable and timeless as the Corolla itself.

Warning: may contain cuteness, silliness… and some high quality cars.

A true giant

Used to feeling pretty small as you drive through the great landscapes of South Africa? Well not any more. Stand tall once more, my friend – in city, mountains and countryside – before putting Cape Town’s Table Mountain firmly in your shadow.

Throw in the iconic strains of David Bowie’s Heroes in the background and you have something to uplift your whole family with this regeneration of a legend.

Trusting chimpanzees and talking dogs

Meet Billy. He’s the most adorable little creature than can show you happiness, love… as well as the ultimate expression of trust in this commercial sure to pull on South African heartstrings.

A bit less cute, but no less charismatic, is the first appearance of this loyal hound in our next video: meet Buddy the Boxer.

He’s riding in his owner’s smart new Corolla – and that equals one sophisticated dog. Sort of.

He is easily distracted, though.

Boys will be boys

Come on guys, we can all do better than this oke. He knows every last detail of his new Corolla, from the automatic climate control to the dual airbags. Unfortunately he’s so carried away with the love of his life, it’s a bit difficult for him to recall new girlfriend umm, err, ah yes – Lisa!

A few years down the line and we’re still trying hard to get it right for our family. We have a go at dancing, buying presents, DIY around the house, telling the best jokes, dressing to impress… you get the picture.

Not so much? Good job your ultra-refined Toyota Corolla shows off your best side then.

Making it snappy

Crack out your smart phone and strike a pose with your family, with picturesque Cape Town in the background… or even just with you and your Corolla.

This ad from 2014 keeps us right up to speed with modern technology – and that includes your brand new car.