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Here’s why you should accompany your child to collect their matric results

The Basic Education Department has urged parents to accompany their children when they collect their matric results on 8 January.


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The Basic Education Department has confirmed that by 8 January 2020, all candidates in South Africa would be able to collect their matric results.

With that being said, it is an extremely stressful time for many pupils who carry the weight of their families’ expectations on their shoulders.

According to Radio 702, the department’s spokesperson, Elijah Mhlanga, has urged parents to support and accompany their children when they collect their results.

“We appeal to parents to accompany their children to receive their results at the school,” said Mhlanga. 

“When the results are given to you, please go through your statement very carefully and talk to a teacher who will give you advice in terms of what you need to do if you did not pass, and then make decisions going forward,” added Mhlanga. 

Supporting child in studies is vital

Mhlanga says pupil support is vital and if parents are unable to provide an environment conducive to studying, they should make use of other help that is available to them.

“That means parents must do everything that they can to create an environment for them to start, but we know the reality is that some of them come from communities where you’ll find that the house is located next to a tavern which is very busy 24 hours and they’re not able to study,” said Mhlanga. 

Learning camps for study success

Mhlanga said the department also provides learning camps for additional tuition. 

“We remove them from their own communities, which helps them a lot,” he said. 

“They say [at the camps] that all they need is a quiet place, all they need is someone who can listen to them so that if there is an area in a subject which they are struggling with, they will be able to get help,” added Mhlanga. 

Mhlanga also reported that the department is satisfied with the marking process of the matric papers and that any incidents of cheating were contained.