$43 Million found in Nigerian

$43 Million found in Nigerian apartment brings all the jokes

There’s probably at least one ‘Nigerian Prince’ who had the cash to back his claims…

$43 Million found in Nigerian

Maybe you should’ve replied to that email from the ‘Nigerian Prince’…

When the news of $43 million found in an apartment in Lagos, Nigeria broke, it didn’t take long for the story to start trending all over social media.

The country’s Economic and Financial Crimes Commission uncovered the money after they were tipped off that someone was moving bags in and around the particular apartment. They eventually found different currencies stashed away neatly inside fireproof cabinets hidden behind wooden panels.

Facebook/Economic and Financial Crimes Commission

As it goes, people all over usually receive scam emails often sent from some or other Nigerian figure asking users to send money with the promise of a larger reward in the end. You know what we’re talking about:


As you can imagine, Twitter couldn’t help itself and brought all the jokes:




Well, we will have to find out. Investigations are ongoing.