SA coffee company’s ‘strongest

Nerd businessman drinking coffee

SA coffee company’s ‘strongest coffee in the world’ is not for the faint hearted

Strongest cuppa joe you can find, count us in!

SA coffee company’s ‘strongest

Nerd businessman drinking coffee

If you’re a coffee-lover and not afraid to try something new, listen up! A Cape Town-based coffee company has laid claim to the strongest coffee in the world and it’ll knock your damned socks off.

Launched in July 2016, Black Insomnia – the strongest coffee in the world – was created by Sean Kristafor who reportedly wanted to “reboot the coffee industry”. According to Kristafor, “it is time to offer something a little different – something stronger and darker, with an edge”.

The International caffeine reference website, Caffeine Informer reported that just one cup of this coffee contains more than twice your recommended daily limit of caffeine, with 58.5 mg per fluid ounce – that is 702 mg for a 12-ounce cup (354 ml).

New laboratory results also show Black Insomnia to be 33% stronger than its contenders with 17,524 mg of caffeine per kilogram compared to 13,809 mg and 13,179 mg according to samples tested at SGS laboratories.

Black Insomnia uses robusta coffee beans that have the highest levels of caffeine and is “100% pure, naturally very high in caffeine without any added chemicals, preservatives, sugars, or additives”.

With the hashtag, #SleepingIsCheating, its website states that “the pureness of Black Insomnia will give you the kick you crave and deserve. With no added anything, this is unadulterated coffee at its finest, with none of the BS.”

They are asking people not to over do it though. “One to two cups a day should be all you’ll need for your average Monday. This is the coffee for the people who sleep when they want, work when they want, and play when they want.

Life is filled with awesome shit you might just miss if you blink for even one second, so open your eyes and wake the f*ck up.”

So if you want to wake up like a rock star, Black insomnia is available to purchase in the U.S. over here or on their website.