20 Pictures that prove drunk p

20 Pictures that prove drunk people are the absolute worst… or best [photos]

Next level hammered… check.

20 Pictures that prove drunk p

There are nights when you get absolutely wasted and do the most random things – like setting your alarm on your phone’s calculator for instance:


Yes… well, when you’re under the influence you’re probably batshit crazy thinking of weird things that you won’t remember the next day. Check out some of the weirdest things drunk people have done in the past, which others probably will do again come this weekend:

2. The best way to cure your hangover is to start drinking again. Obvs.

And they love a good prank:

3. They take education very seriously under the influence.

They're very concerned with academics:

4. Some are very responsible:

They appreciate a good ride home:

5. They send gifts:

They'll send you gifts to show they care:
Twitter: @kathhgrace

6. From me to me:

They leave tender late-night notes:
Twitter: @Tarryntino

7. They are not afraid to speak their mind:

They don't take crap from anyone:

8. They can do anything once the creative juices start flowing…

They are pretty much geniuses:
Twitter: @spasepeople

9. They spend their money…on things:

They spend their money very wisely:
Twitter: @jannagracetan

10. THIS:

They love a good phone call:

11. He/she didn’t forget…luckily:

They always make sure everything is up to date and ready to go:
Twitter: @grlsthinkimfuny

12. They’re just looking for some love man:

They look for love in all the right places:

13. I’m at home, MOTHER:

They'll always let you know they're safe 'n' sound:
Twitter: @FreddyAmazin

14. Hmm, okay:

They care deeply about their loved ones:

15. They tell it like it is:

They're not afraid to tell it like it is:

16. They make the best choices:

They make the best purchases:
Twitter: @ShervinSinatra

17. They’re fine when they’re alone:

They're self-sufficient:

18. They keep themselves busy:

They have their priorities in order:
Twitter: @mariuspole

19. They are inventors:

They're true pioneers:

20. They always reply, no matter what:

They have a way with words: