fast-food franchises in South Africa

KFC limited edition green, black and pink burgers. Images via Twitter @KFCSA

LIST – 10 biggest fast-food franchises in South Africa

From KFC to McDonald’s, here is a list of the ten biggest fast-food franchises in South Africa based on store numbers.

fast-food franchises in South Africa

KFC limited edition green, black and pink burgers. Images via Twitter @KFCSA

Fast-food franchises boomed in the backdrop of the lockdown, and many have scaled up their outlets in recent years. Against the boom, many have been trying to connect the dots on the most prominent fast-food franchises based on store numbers in South Africa.

Well, let’s dive into the biggest fast-food chains in South Africa as of 2023.

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Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) is the biggest fast-food franchise in South Africa by number of outlets. It has 925 outlets dotted around South Africa as of 2023 statistics.

It holds 24.3% of fast-food market sales in South Africa, ahead of its closest rival, McDonald’s, which has 13%.

Debonairs Pizza is the second biggest, with 681 stores across the country. Despite being the second prominent fast-food outlet, it only commands 4.7% of the market sales behind KFC and McDonald’s.

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Steers sits third on the list with 649 stores nationwide. Wimpy is ranked fourth with 457 outlets in South Africa. However, it boasts 4.1% of the market in terms of sales.

However, of interest is the fact that Debonairs Pizza, Steers and Wimpy are all under Famous Brands. The brand has the most fast-food outlets dotted around South Africa.

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McDonald’s is ranked fifth, with 335 fast-food outlets dotted around Mzansi. Despite fewer outlets than its competitors, the outlet holds 13% of the fast-food market by sales behind KFC.


South African-founded Chicken Licken – owned by Gold Fried Chicken (Pty) Ltd, has 286 outlets nationwide. Nandos sits seventh on the list with 258 outlets. Fishways has 249 ahead of Roman’s Pizza, with 248 outlets around South Africa. Kaui sits tenth with 184 outlets.

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