Table Mountain National Park

Table Mountain National Park believes arsonists are behind January 2024 fires. Image: File

Warning over ARSON in Table Mountain National Park

Table Mountain National Park believes some of the 22 fires in January 2024 were set with ‘deliberate malicious intent’ in mind.

Table Mountain National Park

Table Mountain National Park believes arsonists are behind January 2024 fires. Image: File

Table Mountain National Park has released a warning about potential arsonists in the Western Cape. Between Monday 1 January and Thursday 18 January 18 2024, it has contained 22 fires. Many of them set with ‘deliberate malicious intent,’ it said.

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In the release, Table Mountain National Park noted an increase in fire incidents in the New Year. The majority of which occurred in the southern part of the park, ‘posing significant risk to communities living adjacent to these areas.’


Table Mountain National Park
Fire fighters have battled Cape Town wildfires all week in what is said to be the most dangerous fire season in ten years. Image: Pexels

Fires in Kalk Bay, Oceanview, Redhill and Signal Hill have been fanned by unseasonable hot temperatures and windy conditions. Likewise, there have been few significant fires since the runaway blaze of 2014. Firefighters say this is therefore the most dangerous Western Cape fire season in a decade.

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Nevertheless, Table Mountain National Park, SANParks, NCC Wildfires and Working on Fire have contained all 22 fires without loss of life or property. They’ve been ably assisted by Volunteer Wildfire Services and City of Cape Town Fire and Rescue Services.


Table Mountain National Park
Authorities urge the public to report fires as soon as possible and to submit any evidence for investigators. Image: David Mark from Pixabay

Following investigations by Enviro Wildfire Pty Ltd , it’s believed at least three major fires were started with malicious intent. The fire above Boyes Drive in Kalk Bay on Wednesday 17 January 2024 burnt 73 hectares. It was contained with the collaborative efforts of 115 firefighters, three Huey Helicopters, an AT 802 air tractor bomber and spotter plane.

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The next one Table Mountain National Park believes was caused with malice was Slangkop (Ocean View) on Thursday 18 January 2024. Preliminary reports suggest vegetation was ignited with a cigarette lighter. Thirdly, a fire started between Pinehaven and Da Gama, that spread towards Scarborough on the same day, appears to be deliberate, too.


Table Mountain National Park
A January 2024 wildfire spreads above Simon’s Town Image: File

As a result, Table Mountain National Park urges the public to remain vigilant and report any fires or suspicious activity. Pin locations, photographs and/or video clips of early stages of a fire are valuable for investigators. You can contact:

Emergency number: 086 110 6417.

Newlands Fire Base: 021 689 7438.

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