RDP housing

Gauteng government warns of RDP housing and land invasion scams. Image: Facebook

RDP housing scams on the rise

Tahir Sema says the Gauteng government is working with law enforcement, courts and developers to evict those staying in RDP houses illegally.

RDP housing

Gauteng government warns of RDP housing and land invasion scams. Image: Facebook

The Department of Human Settlements in Gauteng says there has been a rise in scams targeting government land and RDP housing. 

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The department says that several fake notices doing the rounds on social media.

The department’s spokesperson Tahir Sema says that the department is currently prioritising applicants who applied between 1996 and 2000, child-headed households, and the elderly.

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“The department is working with limited resources and at present is not able to provide housing for the more than 1.1 million people on the waiting list. This backlog cannot be eradicated overnight. Why we ask applicants to be patient and exercise restraint by not invading pieces of land or incomplete houses.”

Sema also says the provincial government is working with law enforcement, courts, and developers to evict those occupying land illegally.  

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“We would also like to issue a stern warning against the illegal occupation of land and/or housing units because it makes government planning difficult and adds to the housing backlog,” Sema said.

Criminal syndicates who are guilty of illegally invading land and houses will face the law.

Members of #DudulaOperation in Limpopo are marching to the Department of Cooperative Governance, Human Settlements and Traditional Affairs offices in Polokwane on 10 March. Image: Twitter

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  • In the event that you are offered an RDP house without the seller having the necessary documentation (title deed & permission), you should also report them to their local Housing Department and the Police.
  • Remember, someone wanting to sell their RDP home cannot do so in the first 8 years of occupancy. After this it must be offered to the State first
  • The seller must have written consent from the Department of Housing
  • Once a house is sold, a letter of authority from the deeds office must be attached to the sale agreement
  • There is no charge for title deeds.

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For more information, the public is urged to contact local municipalities, provincial departments of human settlement. Or the national Department of Human Settlements on 0800 146 873 or send an email to info@dhs.gov.za