School shoes Bloemfontein

Image: Triple A says he makes school shoes in Bloemfontein. Image: @KatlehoLechoo / Twitter

WATCH: Young man says he makes school shoes in Bloemfontein

Too good to be true? A youngster from Bloemfontein has been seen on a video claiming he is a maker of school shoes in Bloemfontein.

School shoes Bloemfontein

Image: Triple A says he makes school shoes in Bloemfontein. Image: @KatlehoLechoo / Twitter

Hand-made schools shoes are apparently available in Bloemfontein, according to a young man’s statement in a video. The pairs go for R170 and R200 each.


One of the great pleasures of opening social media apps is that you will never know what you will discover next. Mzansi has now come across a man who has said he is the maker of schools shoes in Bloemfontein.

According to a video shared by Bra K on Twitter, the young creator named Triple A Masedi is making some rather important things.

The video caption simply said the young man makes the shoes and sells them at a price range of R170 to R200.

‘He manufactures school shoes for boys and girls. Prices range from R170 to R200. Please retweet, his customer might be on your timeline,” the message said.

In the video, the young man is heard saying how the girls’ shoe is made of synthetic leather, while the one for boys is made of genuine leather material.


“I make school shoes for girls and boys,” he said.

While the young man who is identified as “Triple A” does not explain how he manufactures the school shoes in Bloemfontein, the video does shoes a brand name on one shoe written “Jabi” in the inside.

Meanwhile, Bra K, who shared the video, promised he was in the process of getting Triple A’s contact details.

Check out the video that was shared over 700 times on Twitter since Wednesday morning.


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