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Dictionary word of the day. Photo: Pexels

Word of the day: Sapient

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Word of the day

Dictionary word of the day. Photo: Pexels

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Today’s word of the day is: Sapient meaning


Sapient is a formal word that means “possessing or expressing great wisdom.”

Pronunciation: [SAY-pee-unt]

We human beings certainly like to think we’re wise. It’s a fact reflected in the scientific name we’ve given our species, Homo sapiens, which comes in part from the Latin word sapiens, meaning “wise” or “intelligent.” Sapient (which is basically just a fancy synonym of wise) has the same source. Both words ultimately trace to the Latin verb sapere, meaning “to be wise,” and also “to taste.” Other sapere words pepper the language as well, among them sage (as in “sage advice”), savant, savvy, and savor.

Example: She was grateful to have in her mentor an ever-reliable source of sapient career advice.








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