ZEF movie poster, Die Antwoord. Image: Facebook.com

The ZEF movie poster for Die Antwoord. Image: Facebook.com

Die Antwoord: Documentary tells their side of allegations

Die Antwoord is a controversial hip-hop band. Their documentary ZEF addresses previous abuse claims. Here’s an update.

ZEF movie poster, Die Antwoord. Image: Facebook.com

The ZEF movie poster for Die Antwoord. Image: Facebook.com

Die Antwoord is a controversial hip-hop band consisting of Waddy “Ninja” Tudor Jones and Yolandi Visser.

They released their first album in 2008; however, the band’s obscene lyrics and “zef” style choices soon attracted attention. Die Antwoord have featured many other musicians, including G-Boy, Slagysta, Isaac Mutant, HemelBesem, and Jack Parow.

In 2022, band members faced allegations of abuse from their adopted son, Gabriel “Tokkie” du Preez. However, the band and their agent immediately denied these allegations.

What happened to the story?

Waddy and Visser officially address the controversy in their documentary.

Here’s what you should know.

Die Antwoord: Documentary tells their side

ZEF: The Story of Die Antwoord is meant to be watched as an origin story, taking viewers back to the band’s early days.

The documentary includes rare footage from early gigs, exclusive music from Visser’s musically experimental days, and more. DJ Hi-Tek and Jack Black also make cameo appearances.

It also addresses their side of the controversy.

According to Die Antwoord, the allegations against them aren’t true.

The documentary urges Gabriel “Tokkie” du Preez to “stop taking drugs”, which they claim corrupted their originally amicable relationship.

According to the documentary’s footage, they’re still willing to support Tokkie, however only if he proves that he’s sobered up.

Die Antwoord: Controversies

Die Antwoord aren’t strangers to controversy; in fact, it appears like they’ve made friends with it.

The band started as MaxNormal.TV, later evolving into the “zef” aesthetic.

The documentary claims that Waddy fashioned himself against “zef” after Yolandi was attracted to a “zef-looking” guy.

Die Antwoord aren’t popular with conservatives, whom their lyrics have deliberately poked fun at.

The band released new material in 2023, including Babaji and Land of Honey. Singles released just before their 2024 EU/UK Tour. More songs might still be on the way.

Do you believe some of the controversy has been made up?

Do you think their documentary lays past issues to rest?

Die Antwoord: EU and UK Tour 2024

Die Antwoord resurrected their aesthetic in time for an EU and UK tour.

Shows brought the band to locations in Europe, including Paris and London. According to the documentary, the band reunited after going through difficult personal issues.

They’ve scheduled a continuation of the tour later this year.

US Tour Scheduled

Reddit fans have asked if there’s a United States tour.

The answer appears to be yes, with fans believing tour dates are to be announced in December.

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