‘Scandal!’ actress Fundiswa Ngcobo as Winnie. Image via Twitter @etvScandal!

‘Scandal!’s’ Fundiswa Ngcobo: ‘This role came as a surprise’

Actress Fundiswa Ngcobo, who plays the character of Mbali’s sister Winnie in ‘Scandal’ discusses her role, motherhood and more.


‘Scandal!’ actress Fundiswa Ngcobo as Winnie. Image via Twitter @etvScandal!

Scandal! actress Fundiswa Ngcobo, who plays the controversial role of Winnie in the e.tv soapie says she doesn’t condone what her character is doing…seducing her sister Mbali’s husband.   

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The popular actress Fundiswa Ngcobo, who plays Winnie also reveals she’s being judged by Scandal! viewers for wanting her sister Mbali’s husband Jojo. 

She tells Sunday World that she does not condone what Winnie is doing and she’s not like her character at all.  

“Making moves on a sibling’s partner is not something I would advise anyone to do. Winnie carried her sister’s child in exchange for education,” said Ngcobo.  

“The character I portray has no similarities with me, except that we both love family, but I would not take it to an extent of falling pregnant for my sister, that is extra.  

“I understand where Winnie is coming from. I have a beautiful four-year-old son, so I know that when a woman falls pregnant, they bond with the child as it grows inside her, which makes it difficult to detach once the baby is born. So her wanting to be there to nurture [the baby] is normal.”  

Ngcobo adds that she’s grateful for the role, no matter how scandalous the storyline is.  

“I have always known that I was destined for greatness, I had a wish that when my things finally align, I go on a platform where I will be seen, but this role came as a surprise,” she said.  

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The mother of one Fundiswa Ngcobo also reveals that she has a great relationship with Nolwazi Ngubeni, who plays her sister Mbali in the e.tv soapie.   

“Nolwazi and I have great chemistry, we are sisters on and off the screen. She has held my hand throughout the journey and she was gentle given that I have a theatre background.”  

The 29-year-old actress says she’s not in a relationship in real life and that her main focus is on her career, for now.  

“At the moment, no! I am not in a relationship. I would say I am knocking on doors but I am kicking them down, building my career. “ 

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