'Durban Gen'

‘Durban Gen’ actors Shauwn “MaMkhize” Mkhize and Zuluboy. Images via Instagram @iamzuluboy

Actor Zulu Boy dumped ‘Durban Gen’ for MaMkhize

Actor and musician Mxolisi “Zulu Boy” Majozi left e.tv’s ‘Durban Gen’ to work with millionaire businesswoman Shauwn “MaMkhize” Mkhize.

'Durban Gen'

‘Durban Gen’ actors Shauwn “MaMkhize” Mkhize and Zuluboy. Images via Instagram @iamzuluboy

Actor and musician Mxolisi “Zulu Boy” Majozi exited e.tv’s telenovela, Durban Gen, to work with businesswoman Shauwn “MaMkhize” Mkhize. 

The musician exited the show two months before Daily Sun announced the millionaire businesswoman joined the show on Tuesday, 16 August.  

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The star Mxolisi “Zulu Boy” Majozi, who played the character of McGyver also revealed that he dumped the e.tv telenovela, Durban Gen because he wanted to focus on his music besides his new venture with MaMkhize’s AM Royal.  

“I’m a busy man. I recently released a song titled Bamnethela, the former TKZee member S’bu ‘Amaloya’ Ntshangase. For me to be featured on the song is an honor. I still can’t believe that S’bu chose me. It means a lot,” said Zuluboy.  

Zulu Boy also revealed back in May that he was going to release new music with former TKZee member Sbu “AmaLawyer” Ntshangase.  

He also rubbished claims that he got fired from the cancelled telenovela due to misconduct.   

He told IOL that he filed his notice to resign before time because he secured a second job.  

“I am working with MaMkhize in Royal AM. I gave them 30 days to write me out of the script for my exit on the story. It’s not true that I was fired. These are just rumours from people who want to tarnish my reputation.”  

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E.tv announced in May that the medical drama series which is produced by Stained Glass TV will end in January 2023.   

“The decision to decommission the daily drama is part of a business strategy which includes the ongoing review of the on-air cycle of all our shows.”  

“E.tv continues to look forward to fulfilling its mandate of producing exceptional and relevant local content, and the production has successfully achieved its part of the obligation throughout the past two years.”