Clint Brink

Actor Clint Brink. Image via Instagram @clinton thebrink

Clint Brink: ‘The TV industry has become very much non inclusive’

Former ‘Backstage’ actor Clint Brink says the South African television industry has failed to embrace different cultures and ethnic groups.

Clint Brink

Actor Clint Brink. Image via Instagram @clinton thebrink

The former Backstage and Scandal! actor Clint Brink has criticised South African television for not embracing different cultures and ethnic groups… not being inclusive.   

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The talented actor Clint Brink made an example of how Backstage, the Cape Town version, was one of the few shows that showcased our diversity by successfully integrating different cultures and languages.  

Brink also revealed how the television industry has failed to embrace different cultures and ethnic groups, stating that art should never be about divisions, but rather about bridging the gap.  

According to Sunday World, the actor added that the divisions in the industry are supported and perpetuated in the name of Living Standards Measure [a marketing and research tool used in South Africa to classify standards of living and disposable income] by creating specific content for certain cultural groups.  

“Fair enough, I can completely understand the business behind these decisions and divisions, as it serves their bottom line, but the danger is it blatantly supports the perpetuation of division between races in SA,” he wrote.  . 


According to Sunday World, the debate about how most TV shows are packaged in IsiZulu and IsiXhosa, and not giving other languages a platform to shine began a few weeks ago.  

Sepedi-speaking actor Seputla Sebogodi also shared on King David’s podcast how non-Zulu-speaking actors suffer in South Africa.  

The former The River actor Seputla Sebogodi, known for his role as businessman Kenneth Mashaba in Generations also revealed in the interview that he turned down five soapies in 2022 because he was asked if he could speak Zulu.   

“This year I said no to five soapies or drama series. I said no. Because you ask me, you ask me, ‘can you speak Zulu’? My brother, if you can’t speak Zulu be prepared to starve. Tell me one soapie without Zulu’s, I will give you a million (Rand). In South Africa, if you can’t speak Zulu, you are as good as scrambled eggs. It’s a big thing   

IHarare reports that the actor added that if an actor/actress cannot speak Zulu in South Africa, they are likely to starve in the entertainment industry. 

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