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Prison Journalism: It said not to lose direction, even in loss

Wesley Leong was incarcerated at the age of 15 in 1996 at Pollsmoor Prison. He is currently part of Restore’s research and reintegration project.


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Man, it has been a very difficult week for me, even with all the good and positiveness around my life and me staying focused and getting up and cheering up. Life always has a way to throw you completely off course. I sadly received some tragic news about a good friend that was brutally murdered.

Remembering an old friend

I never got enough time to share memories with my dear friend and see what other gain in lies; coming from a life that I decided I no longer wanted to live to him taking the other option. Death stole from me time and memories to allow him to be persuaded otherwise.

The day I decided to change

This was a very big turning point in my life towards change and as some old friends did understand my decision and others said I was fooling around and ended up laughing at me. Not my old friend even though he never decided to join me in change. He supported me in so many ways that today is because of the support he gave me I am proud to say that I am a reformed person.

How to move when you got no answers

I got a lot of corridors from that support me in my life, but I personally cannot accept the fact that he was murdered and nobody claimed absolutely nothing. It said that the code of the street is that if you saw anything you saw nothing if you heard anything you heard nothing. It will be visible not to if you don’t want the same future for yourself and your family. It is a problem that there is nobody that stands up for what is right and fights the evil around our communities.

Authorities and gangsters

These two parties go hand in hand if you come to think of it, it is a way of power that controls a socio society today. We need to stand up and take change as my friend’s death cannot be in vain.

Fight, freeze, flee?

So, I am left with so much anger and a big part of me wants just to be scared. And the part of me wants to continue doing what is correct as this is what my dear friend would want me to do and not get caught up again.

I will miss you every day that I no longer have you around my friend. I hope you are at peace and as for your family, I will continue to support them and pray for you! I cannot wait for the day we meet again. Rest in peace.

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