Prison yard
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The Daily Life in Prison: The Food

Jean-Pierre Le-Roux is a divorced father of two beautiful children. He was incarcerated for 20 months for pointing a firearm.


Prison yard
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As a child, I always enjoyed food and its preparation. I was very fortunate to achieve good grades at school, which led to a bursary for further studies. Before my criminal career began, I studied for a total of 3 years for a BA in chef crafting.

First Encounter with Prison Meals

So, when I found myself in the holding cells for the first time, I was horrified at the thought of what they gave me as a meal! And the first morning I received breakfast (porridge), I was shocked! No butter, no sugar, no milk. I was asked, “Where’s your laptop?” I was confused! They explained to me that a “laptop” is a 3-section compartment bowl. Needless to say, I didn’t have one. So, I didn’t get porridge at all that first day, but the smell will never leave me! As a child, I loved morning meals, and it was always yellow from the butter, always had sugar, always had some milk in it! But my cherished memories were shattered!

Lunchtime Disappointment

Lunchtime came, and I had gotten a simple bag from one of the prisoners next to me in the queue, and I was happy for a brief moment, only to get to my turn for food. That particular day we got stamp, soya mince, tasteless, four slices of bread with butter on three. My tummy was grumbling already because I never got anything for breakfast!

The Realisation and Emotional Impact

So, as I got tasteless food, I was going back into the cellblock to eat, I suddenly came to the sad realisation that this is what I would be getting for the next ten months! And I remember sitting there on my bed with all these emotions going through me about how food was outside, being a chef, how my mum’s food tasted! I remember taking my first bite of this food that was meant for me! And started crying uncontrollably. Not very long after that, the very prisoner who gave me the food bowl in the line suddenly appeared by me out of nowhere and said to me, “I will have my food now, thank you!” I was yet again confused, and he said to me, “I was just holding his bowl!”

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