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Prison journalism
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Prison Journalism: April’s experiences of black boudoir

Thabo Mthembu was incarcerated in Pollsmoor Prison from 2014 to 2019. Read Thabo’s story

Prison Journalism

Prison journalism
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What can I say, the first week of April was really a leaving experience where there was such a lot going on.

Convergence of Personal and Academic Challenges

For example, I have had a few of my close friends end up getting locked up the same time the research group I belong to was busy preparing to deliver an artistic visual poem on how modern masculinity of an ex-convict is harder for society to embrace because of how modern society preserves the modern ex-convict as nothing more. Though a harder view, which should be feared because of the current experience like ex-baggy pants, tattoos, and was forger criminal record and going ties I am in the underworld. This mindset that convicts are unapproved is what we are trying to change, and all of this took place at Stellenbosch University.

Intense Academic Insights at Stellenbosch

The main lecture was about the construction of black boudoir; it was done by a strong black woman, spreading across historical contemporary times like those of the African women examining their relationship to intimacy within their environment. Stellenbosch went even deeper by distinguishing what schools such as Holocaust in 1945 cause aesthetics of resistance and how it highlights black women mainstream within a private sphere such as the boudoir as a way to reason their womanhood; to turn the gaze upon.

The deeper the lecture on the black boudoir carried on, the more I realized it was all about empowering black women, reasserting womanhood, and explaining how much power a woman really has. The main aim of her was to analyse the implications for the black imagination by exploring themes of desire.

Positive Outcomes, Shared Spaces and Empowerment

At the same time, if I look at diverse cultures that were present at the fest, we as ex-convicts found ourselves in the same space as feminists. I know that something positive was accomplished. At the end of it all, we are all just in the space of trying to empower ourselves with a construction of our own boudoir that goes for all races, genders, and people of social standing.

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