Wordle has an LGBTQI+ version of the game and it’s called Queerdle! Image via Twitter @justinlife

Queerdle fever! LGBTQI+ community turns it up with Wordle spin-off

A software developer has caught the attention of the LGBTQI+ community with Queerdle, a spin-off of the much-loved word game, Wordle.


Wordle has an LGBTQI+ version of the game and it’s called Queerdle! Image via Twitter @justinlife

If you’re obsessed with Wordle then you just might be a fan of the LGBTQI+ version of the game, Queerdle. Created by Chicago-based software developer Jordan Bouvier, Queerdle works exactly like Wordle but players will need to guess words associated with the queer community. 

Since the creation of Wordle, there have been several other versions of the game that have captured fans.

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Speaking to Out, Jordan Bouvier, whose pronouns are they/them, said they were a big fan of Glitch, a clone of Wordle. Eventually, Bouvier began experimenting with their own game which turned into Queerdle and shared it with close friends and family.

Bouvier also mentioned that they tried to include “something for everyone” in the LGBTQI+ community. 

“I’ve played around with so many things online in the past for fun and nothing has ever caught on like this,” said Bouvier.  


Queerdle is quite similar to Wordle. The only difference is that the words are seven letters long and related to the LGBTQI+ community. Players get six chances in total to try to guess the correct word and are guided by colour-coded tiles throughout the game.

“I also try to schedule words in a sort of rotation so that over the course of a week, there’s some variety,” said Bouvier. 

“People seem to be enjoying it though and that brings me so much joy. The highlight of my days lately has been when I get back to take a little break to see what people are saying.” 

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There are several versions of Wordle if you’re not keen on playing the original game! Take a look at the list here:

  • Worldle (Geography)
  • Hurdle (Music)
  • Nerdle (Maths)
  • Absurdle (more words for Worle fanatics)
  • Artle (Art)