The LGBTQI+ flag. Image via Unsplash

LGBTQ+ writers asked to submit their stories

Writers have been asked to submit their short stories (up to 20, 000 words) for an upcoming anthology called Just LGBTQ+. Here’s more..


The LGBTQI+ flag. Image via Unsplash

LGBTQ+ writers have been asked to submit their stories for an upcoming collection, according to author Hermione le Roux. Anyone can submit their stories, with an LGBTQ+ theme.

The anthology will contain various stories by LGBTQ+ writers.

South Africa has a lot of unique stories. What about yours?

Are you an author?

Do you have an unpublished short story somewhere?

Submit your story to Just LGBTQ+ and they might include it.

Its compilers, which include Hermione le Roux, ask local LGBTQ+ writers for their stories.

Here’s more about the short story collection, and where to submit your stories.

LGBTQ+ writers asked to submit stories

Short story compilers are asking for authors to send their stories for possible publication. The upcoming anthology will contain stories by LGBTQ+ South Africans.

Stories can be from any genre, but preferably must have an LGBTQ+ theme.

“Please distribute far and wide,” the collection asks. “We would like as many voices as possible in our anthology.”

The collection is currently collecting stories.

The publication date will still be determined, and royalties will be announced once the collection has enough stories for its publication.

Submit now and make sure you’re on time!

“The call is for original short stories by LGBTQ writers in Southern Africa.” says an email from the compilers.

Writers: LGBTQ+ Stories wanted

The future collection aims to focus on LGBTQ+ voices.

The collection’s working title is Just LGBTQ+.

Anyone can submit a story to the collection. Stories must be original. You can submit to the collection’s address.

Include your contact details in the message.

Make sure you include a way for the compilers to contact you. Send only your very best stories!

Writers: Where to send your short stories

Stories must be less than 20, 000 words per story.

You can submit up to four stories. Submit your stories if you’ve got something to say.

Stories must be original and previously unpublished. Submit your stories in English to the email address.

You must submit your stories as a Word document, according to the compilers.

You can send your story (or request more details) from

The future collection could include one of your stories!

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