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WWE Smackdown results: Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns brawl

Here we recap the events of Friday night with Smackdown results and highlights from the 22 October 2021 episode of WWE’s top show.


Photo: WWE

Roman Reigns kicked off Friday night Smackdown in the ring, after jetting in from his title defence at Crown Jewel but Brock Lesnar had followed the tribal chief.

Roman Reigns has to fend off the Beast

Reigns celebrated his victory over Lesnar to open Smackdown basking in the glory of his reign and the countless Superstars he has left in his wake.

In response to Lesnar’s comments that he would “beat Roman Reigns senseless” as soon as he arrived on SmackDown, The Head of the Table opted to wait for the Beast, provoking him to make good on his promise. Just as Reigns was about done waiting, Lesnar hit the ring, and all-out mayhem ensued with the Beast destroying anything and everyone in his path to get his hands on Reigns stopping only to exchange a tense look with Paul Heyman. 

Due to The Beast’s rampage, WWE Official Adam Pearce had no choice but to indefinitely suspend Brock Lesnar. Unfortunately for Pearce, Lesnar did not take his suspension lightly returning to the ring to deliver two monstrous F-5’s to Pearce leaving him floored in the ring as The Beast stormed off. 

WWE Smackdown results: Friday 22 October

Drew McIntyre def. Sami Zayn

Drew McIntyre celebrated his first official week on SmackDown by issuing an open challenge on the “New Era” of the blue brand and defeating the always outspoken Sami Zayn. The Scottish Warrior made quick work of Zayn despite some sly tactics from The Master Strategist, catching Zayn off guard with a Claymore for the victory.

Mansoor def. Mustafa Ali

With the defeat at WWE Crown Jewel still ringing in his ears, Mustafa Ali once again lost to Mansoor in his SmackDown debut. With Ali looking for retribution he climbed to the top rope for a sunset flip power bomb, only to have Monsoor grab his legs and tie him up to steal the victory.

Hit Row’s Isaiah “Swerve” Scott & Top Dolla def. Dustin Lawyer & Daniel Williams

The hottest new faction on SmackDown staked their claim in the squared circle when Hit Row’s Isaiah “Swerve” Scott & Top Dolla debuted with a victory over Dustin Lawyer & Daniel Williams. The power and athleticism of the new group was on full display as Top Dolla powerslammed both Lawyer & Williams at the same time before a flying kick from “Swerve” put Lawyer down for the count.

Happy Corbin def. Shinsuke Nakamura

After Intercontinental Champion Shinsuke Nakamura and Rick Boogs interrupted “Happy Talk” in order to rock out Supersized SmackDown last week, Happy Corbin got a small amount of payback from the Superstar who has caused him so much grief prior to his recent good fortune when he defeated The King of Strong Style in a Championship Contender Match. The Intercontinental Champion had the challenger reeling throughout the match with Rick Boogs strumming along outside the ring, until Madcap Moss attempted to silence the guitar stylings of Boogs. Nakamura came to the aid of his friend but the distraction allowed Corbin to take advantage slamming The Intercontinental Champion into the steel steps and hitting an End of Days for the victory.

Charlotte Flair and Sasha Banks brawl following WWE Women’s Title Exchange with Becky Lynch

Brawls involving champions bookended Smackdown this Friday.

As a result of both titleholders switching brands as part of the 2021 WWE Draft, Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch emerged for the official exchange of their Raw and SmackDown’s Women’s Titles.

After a few tense moments that saw Lynch throw the SmackDown Women’s title at Flair, the two Superstars finally exchanged titles, but The Queen did not take kindly to The Man’s antics suggesting the two have it out right then and there, title-for-title until Sasha Banks interrupted to add fuel to the fire.

No longer interested in Banks, Flair or SmackDown, Big Time Becks made her way out of the arena as the heated exchange between The Boss and The Queen continued until Banks finally lashed out on Flair.