Uthando Nesthembu MaCele Mayeni Makhumalo

MaCele and MaYeni have landed in hot water after the latest episode of their reality tv show. Image via Instagram: @thobilek

‘Uthando Nesthembu’: MaYeni and MaCele slammed for bitterness

Musa Mseleku’s first and second wives are being called ‘bitter and selfish’ by viewers of the show after thy refused to support wife number 3.

Uthando Nesthembu MaCele Mayeni Makhumalo

MaCele and MaYeni have landed in hot water after the latest episode of their reality tv show. Image via Instagram: @thobilek

Uthando Nesthembu‘s latest episode on Thursday 5 January saw another side to Musa Mseleku’s older wives, Busisiwe “MaCele” Mseleku and Nokukhanya “MaYeni” Mseleku after the third wife Thobile “MaKhumalo” Mseleku extended an invitation to her membeso to them.

MaKhumalo invited her sister wives to a late lunch to officially ask them to attend part one of her traditional wedding, umembeso and the older wives expressed that they will not be attending. This is despite MaKhumalo attending their events when they invite her.

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Before telling the wives the reason she has called them, MaKhumalo expressed her excitement and said after being invited by the fellow wives a number of times for various ceremonies and events, she also finally has something she can invite them to.

“I’d like to cordially invite you to umembeso that will be held at the Khumalo homestead. Please pass on the invitation to the kids as well,” she said.

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During a diary session, MaKhumalo said that she felt it was important that she invites them so that they feel welcome at her event.

Just after MaKhumalo told them why she called them, MaCele chimed in and instantly said that she will not be attending her event and started citing her reasons.

“Thank you for the invitation. I am glad it came from you so that I can answer you directly….unfortunately I wont be able to make it because the event includes Musa Mseleku. If the event did not include Musa Mseleku, I would attend it. I wont be attending because it includes Musa Mseleku…If Musa was not gifting your family, we would not be having this event so in a way, the event is also about Musa.

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Shortly thereafter, MaKhumalo was visibly confused and disappointed after MaCele declined her invitation for reasons that she could not understand.

Seeing that she has always been supportive of MaCele and attends every event that she has had in the past, this came as a shock not just to MaKhumalo but to the other wives as well.

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MaYeni also declined the invitation and said that her son Mpumelelo would be attending the event on her behalf. The fourth wife, Mbali “MaNgwabe” Mseleku was the only wife that accepted the invitation and said she’d be attending.

“MaCele and MaYeni’s actions made me see how they feel about me. Secondly, they don’t see me as one of them. To them I am nothing and not a member of the family,” Makhumalo added.

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