Mayeni uthando nesthembu

uThando Nes’thembu’s reality star MaYeni. Image via Twitter @Noks_KaMajiya

‘We don’t know each other’: MaYeni lambasts negative comments

MaYeni has asked viewers of ‘Uthando Nesthembu’ to stop meddling in her business because she does not meddle in theirs.

Mayeni uthando nesthembu

uThando Nes’thembu’s reality star MaYeni. Image via Twitter @Noks_KaMajiya

Following the latest episode of Uthando Nesthembu on Thursday 5 January, Musa Mseleku’s second wife Nokukhanya “Mayeni” Mseleku has come for the people that have called her bitter and unsupportive.

This was after the third wife Thobile “MaKhumalo” Mseleku decided to invite the wives to her gifting ceremony (umembeso) and Busisiwe “MaCele” Mseleku and MaYeni declined the invitations.

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Tweeps did not waste time pointing out that what MaYeni and MaCele did to MaKhumalo was uncalled for seeing that she always shows up for everyone in the Mseleku household.

“The last episode of #Uthandonesthembu, judging from the comments on her Instagram and other social media platforms, might have distroyed Mayeni’s business. I won’t be surprised if they are harassed by Makhumalo’s fans in public spaces. Kusazoba nzima kaMseleku before kulunge,” wrote @MaXoliJojo.

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@Makhumalo_Nolly wrote, “U MaYeni is just bitter because u MaKhumalo built her house yet shes younger than her! This bitter woman needs to leave my sister alone #Uthandonesthembu”.

@mokwatiphuti1 said, “Yho 🥺I was very hurt by how maYeni and maCele treated Thobile 💔Kannete it’s every man for themselves”.

@MasiloSedi wrote: “I’m definitely hurt by MaCele declining the invitation. MaYeni has never hidden that she doesn’t like all these wives tsa Musa. She’s only doing it for this polygamy, and I’m guessing for Musa. Mara MaCele was all buddy buddy with MaKhumalo. Aowa… 💔💔💔”.

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Taking to TikTok to address the comments that called her bitter and wrong for declining the invitation. In the video shared by ZAlebs, MaYeni said, “I don’t ever come to your Instagram to insert my two cents because your business is none of my business. Also, please remember that we do not know each other from the bar of soap for you all to come and insert your two cents in my business.

“Stay away from me. All your concerns about the dynamic of our relationships, about who is loved and who is not loved, that you keep it to yourselves because I have nothing to do with you and also I don’t know you. Those opinions you can either keep them to yourselves or go and share them with your friends and don’t come onto my Instagram and give me a headache. Nx! [clicks]” said Nokukhanya ‘MaYeni’ Mseleku

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