Spring cleaning tips: Marie Ko

Japanese organising consultant Marie Kondo. Image via Instagram @mariekondo.

Spring cleaning tips: Marie Kondo cleans out junk and emotions [watch]

Marie Kondo takes viewers on a journey of organising every aspect of their lives in her new reality show ‘Sparking Joy with Marie Kondo’.

Spring cleaning tips: Marie Ko

Japanese organising consultant Marie Kondo. Image via Instagram @mariekondo.

Japanese organising consultant Marie Kondo wants to help people organise and find joy in every aspect of their lives through her new reality show Sparking Joy with Marie Kondo which premiered on Netflix on Tuesday 31 August.


Marie Kondo helped busy people declutter their lives in her first Netflix reality show Tidying Up with Marie Kondo which premiered in 2019. While the show had been put on ice due to the global COVID-19 pandemic, she is back and she is better.

Sparking Joy With Marie Kondo reignites the flame of Tidying Up with Marie Kondo but this time she wants to help organise every aspect of her clients lives. 

“I want to help people to find joy not just by tidying their homes but in every area of their lives,” says Kondo in the beginning of the trailer.

Sparking Joy With Marie Kondo is a three episode series with each episode being around 40 minutes long, which has tongues wagging and tears rolling. This season, Marie Kondo works with the owners of an organic garden centre, a coffee shop entrepreneur and a church volunteer with a clothing problem. 

“The home was just the beginning. Global organization icon Marie Kondo is back, in Sparking Joy with Marie Kondo. The three-episode series follows Marie as she shares her life-changing method with three deserving businesses, their owners and employees,” reads the series synopsis according to Netflix.

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The 36-year-old organising consultant started her organising journey when she was a student at Tokyo University. Now she heads a global tidying empire. She also released a book in 2011 titled The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up which was published in the US in 2014 with millions of copies sold. She went on to write several other books including Joy At Work: Organising Your Personal Life in 2020. 

“My recent book, Joy at Work was written for people venturing out of their home, and whether it’s your work space or so on, it’s important to have an ideal of how you want to spend your time in that specific area: how do you envision spending your time there? Then go by categories— books, stationery, papers—so you’re tidying just your stationery one day, or just your pens the next, which makes the process much easier,” said Kondo to Vogue.

“The approach is very much the same when you’re considering your social relationships, which is what the new show focuses on as well: employing these methods to help improve relationships, businesses and the communities we live in,” she continued.


While Spring is typically the season for a thorough cleaning of your home and getting rid of things you no longer need, Alexander Morales shares four lessons she learned while working as a professional home cleaner. 

According to Vice, these are the four lessons Alexander Morales shared,  

  • Felines, specifically cats leave “mountains of homebound garbage but almost never other pets”. 
  • “Our houses often are an intimate portrait of our inner lives,” says Morales. This is how she feels people need to view their homes. 
  • People only hoard specific things – Morales said that she once cleaned a house of a man who had normal amounts of clothing and other stuff but only hoarded food
  • Hoarding is a mental health issue – “Observing their anguish from the outside, it seems to me like all those items fill a void in their life. And once you start throwing them away, you open that void again,” said Morales.

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