What’s Gone Viral: Call Beyonc

Image: RudiSmit/Instagram

What’s Gone Viral: Call Beyoncé, Rudi Smit is back on the dance floor [video]

Cape Town dancer and choreographer, Rudi Smit has gone viral after sharing a clip of himself dancing to Beyoncé.

What’s Gone Viral: Call Beyonc

Image: RudiSmit/Instagram

The South African dancer and choreographer, Rudi Smit is going viral once more after posting a new video to the tune of Beyoncé’s Run the World.

Yes, Smit is at it again strutting his stuff on the dance floor. According to Cape Town etc, the Cape Town-based dancer posted the video that dates back to 2019, which went viral in any case.

“This video has reached over 12 million views cross-platform already and has been shared hundreds of thousands of times globally,” Smit said. “Neeevveer expected it! Just taught a super fun class at @btbb_dance_camp in 2019, posted it on here and the rest is history!”

Rudi Smit goes viral on the tune of Beyoncé

Smit initially grabbed everyone’s attention when his dance video set to Meghan Trainor’s Me Too went viral in 2017. Since then the choreographer has been consistently making high-quality dance videos that grab everyone’s attention and has even been partnering up with a few brands. 

As of 2021, he has over 40 000 followers on Instagram, while his YouTube profile has clocked in over 1 942 954 views alone.

An interesting journey

Smit told IOL in 2020 that he started dancing at 9, and his introduction to dance began in the most unexpected of place – the South African talent search show, Coca Cola Pop Stars.

​”My love for dance developed very naturally and unexpectedly,” Smit said. “When the group 101 won Coca Cola Pop Stars in 2002, they had done a debut performance that was aired on SABC 3 which I happened to watch… From there I just fell in love with it. My parents recorded that entire performance on VHS. I would come home from school everyday, put the tape in and learn all the steps. I started having little ‘concerts’ in the lounge for my family where I would dance for them and eventually when I reached the age of 12 I mustered up the courage to dance in front of my school for the first time.”

He also added that YouTube played a big role in his love of dance.

“In my opinion, dance videos had become increasingly popular from 2009 onwards. I eventually had the dream of putting together my own company and doing the same thing. I was also super inspired by the popular dance movies like Honey, You Got ServedStep Up etc. I loved the creativity behind it and just the whole process of putting together a dance video. I have been releasing dance videos on YouTube from as young as 12, so it was something I always connected with.”

Smit, who is the founder of Untimitive Dance Company, is now also nurturing young dance talent in Cape Town, which he often includes in the dance videos that he manages to create.

“It started out as videos of just me and then as my company started to grow, I started to put together videos with my company and smaller crews that I had created prior to my company coming together.”