Seven-part series narrated by Angela Bassett ‘QUEENS’. Image Supplied

‘QUEENS’: Seven-part series narrated by Angela Bassett premieres this March

‘With QUEENS, National Geographic challenges an historical bias in wildlife storytelling that favours masculine societies.’


Seven-part series narrated by Angela Bassett ‘QUEENS’. Image Supplied

National Geographic, world renowned for its rich tradition in natural history storytelling and cinematic craft, announces QUEENSan epic, six-part natural history docuseries that follows six powerful sisterhoods within the animal kingdom where females rule.


Never before has a women-led production team set out to capture the wondrous beauty of the natural world, and never before has natural history storytelling focused solely on matriarchal societies… until now.

QUEENS will premiere on 4 March on Disney+ and on Sundays at 18:00 (CAT) from 10 March on National Geographic Wild.

Each episode showcases matriarchs, from the peace-loving bonobos of the Congo basin to the ruthless jewel bees of Costa Rica to the powerful elephants of the Savanna. Through watching their struggles, successes and heartbreaks, we see the importance of intergenerational love and protection, the fierce lengths a mother will go to to have her children succeed, how the thirst for power can rip families apart, and how even in the face of tragedy, a mother must selflessly persevere.


The all-women visionaries behind the series draw on their female intuition to shine a fresh light on the natural world, revealing unique feminine behaviours in six distinct animal communities: hyenas, elephants, ring-tailed lemurs, insects, primates and orcas.

Each episode devotes itself to discovering just why the title of queen is so coveted and tenuous. While getting to the top signifies power, holding rank is far from easy. Every day brings challenges – and challengers – to a queen’s rule. How she remains dominant depends on individual personality, loyalty, cooperation, politics, strength and fate.

Guided by powerful narration from award-winning actress Angela Bassett (Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, The Flood, Good Night Oppy), QUEENS features matriarchies and female leaders from around the world to tell stories of sacrifice and resilience but also friendship and love.

“With QUEENSNational Geographic challenges an historical bias in wildlife storytelling that favours masculine societies,” says Janet Han Vissering, senior vice president of development and production, National Geographic.

“The assembly of our first-ever women-led production team will bring a new perspective to telling these intimate narratives. Scientifically, women score higher for emotional and social intelligence, so it will be fascinating to see how the team will read relationships to underscore the nuances of how female-bonded societies operate.”


National Geographic has also released a music video for Umi, the title track from the female-led docu-series.

The song is co-written (with Dean Barratt) and performed by Alewya, a rising London-based multihyphenate artist of Ethiopian and Egyptian heritage known for her unique brand of Middle Eastern-inspired dance-pop music.