Ampiano Awards

The South African Amapiano Awards was cancelled at the last minute again. Image via Instagram @official_saapa

NOT AGAIN! Amapiano Awards abruptly cancelled last-minute

The Amapiano Awards was cancelled just minutes before schedule, leaving guests disappointed again.

Ampiano Awards

The South African Amapiano Awards was cancelled at the last minute again. Image via Instagram @official_saapa

Anticipation turned to heartbreak as the second annual South African Amapiano Awards were abruptly cancelled mere minutes before the scheduled gala. Guests adorned in black-tie attire were turned away at the entrance of The Galleria in Sandton, greeted by a stark sign stating: “Amapiano Awards cancelled due to non-payment from organisers.”

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Disappointment hung heavy in the air as organisers Qhubani “DJ Qness” Ndlovu and Pleasure Adams vanished from the scene without explanation, leaving a trail of unanswered questions and shattered dreams. Security, under strict orders, stood firm, denying entry to the hopeful attendees despite their elegant attire and excitement for the night.

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The official statement released by the organisers offered little solace, attributing the cancellation to “circumstances beyond our control.” Their words, however, rang hollow amidst the anger and frustration of the assembled crowd.

“Dear Amapiano Lover, We regret to  inform you that the second annual Amapiano Awards have been cancelled. Circumstances beyond our control have led us to make this extremely difficult decision. We sincerely apologise for any inconvenience this may cause and appreciate your understanding. We value the support and enthusiasm you have shown for the South African Amapiano Awards, and we remain dedicated to delivering a memorable experience in the future.”


Initially scheduled for April 2023 at Sun Arena, IOL reported that the event was first postponed due to low ticket sales and internal conflicts. Now, the awards face an uncertain future, as allegations of ownership battles and financial misdeeds continue to surface

One insider revealed to ZiMoja that veteran musician Arthur Mafokate had acquired the rights to the awards from DJ Qness for a substantial sum, without informing sponsors or colleagues. This revelation has only deepened the confusion surrounding the event’s demise.

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The Amapiano Awards, which is supposed to celebrate and elevate the South African vibrant music genre, has instead become synonymous with disorganisation and broken promises.

It’s safe to acknowledge that the award organisers have a lot to answer for. It’s not just about the financial losses and shattered expectations, but about the erosion of trust and respect within the music industry. So, as the dust settles on this latest mess, we hope that the genre’s future, packed with talented artists and millions of passionate fans, won’t be stained again by those who should have been its champions.

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