Khuli Chana graduates

Khuli Chana graduates. Image via Instagram @khulichana0

Khuli Chana graduates with an honours degree [pictures]

Rapper Khuli Chana scoops an Entrepreneurship and innovation of the Year 2022 award winner as he graduates with an honours degree.

Khuli Chana graduates

Khuli Chana graduates. Image via Instagram @khulichana0

Born Khulane Morule, Khuli Chana has shown his big brains as he graduates with an honours degree.

Khuli Chana made a name for himself thanks to his rapping and songwriting talents. Many have never imagined him having more than entertainment in his locker room; however, Khuli Chana is not just about music; he is now an honours degree graduate.

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The 40-year-old rapper did his studies in private. Indeed, he was only waiting for this special day. Of course, on his side is his spouse Lamiez Holworthy who is also happy to be part of such a fantastic achievement.

Indeed, Khuli Chana’s journey is fascinating, and he is the captain of his ship. Without going further, let us get straight into Khuli Chana’s academic journey as he graduates.

Khuli Chana graduates
Khuli Chana and Lamiez Holworthy. Image via Instagram @khulichana01


He is now one of the finest rappers in the country and has shared a stage with American rapper Drake.
With all this success, not many would think of resuming their academic, Khuli Chana did, and today he graduates with a degree in Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

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The free-flowing rapper grew up in Mmabatho, North West Province, where he attended school for his lower education. However, for the sake of his career, he decided to focus entirely on his music, which paid off.

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Upon sharing the good news on his Instagram, Khuli penned a long message that wrapped his feelings.
Khuli Chana not only graduated with an honours degree but is also an Entrepreneurship and Innovation of the tear 2022 award winner.

Wrapping his feelings, he showed how much he appreciates Lamiez Holworthy. This memorable event made him remember their journey from Mojolo to marriage to parenthood, Entertainment to Academia.