Kelly Khumalo says her ‘relati

Photo: KellyKhumalo/Instagram

Kelly Khumalo says her ‘relationship with alcohol is doomed’

Kelly Khumalo took to social media to say that her relationship with alcohol is doomed and that she is considering quitting for good.

Kelly Khumalo says her ‘relati

Photo: KellyKhumalo/Instagram

The controversial South African singer, actress and dancer Kelly Khumalo recently said that she is thinking about quitting drinking alcohol for good.

The Empini hitmaker, who owns her own Controversy Gin brand, took to Twitter to say that she is considering quitting alcohol because it seems to reject her body.

Kelly Khumalo is done with alcohol

On 12 February 2021, she said: “I think my relationship with alcohol is doomed, my body is literally rejecting it, why do I still drink? I’m up trying to figure out why do I continue to do this to myself? Honestly, this can’t be my life…”

She later said: “May God help me to stay away from this [drinking alcohol].”

According to reports, Kelly has had a ‘tricky’ relationship with alcohol. In the past, she was not afraid to voice her feelings on alcohol saying it “helps her vent all her frustrations”.

In a strange video she made last year, Kelly posted a video of herself crying, claiming to have been summoned by spirits to urge people to get on their knees and pray. The tough situation she was referring to was the COVID-19 outbreak, but following the bizarre incident, Kelly revealed she wanted to drink something lighter.

Kelly instead decided to drink wine which is a lighter alternative to gin.

A smaller waist

ZAlebs suggests that her reason for wanting to give up alcohol might also hinder on her results at a better and flatter belly as she has undergone surgery to have a smaller waist. The Voice Of Africa artist is in the process of having her abdominal skin tightened.

She also updated her fans on some of her most inner thoughts where she said she does not want any more babies. “After my visit to @lashitnailitbrowit for my laser lipo session I decided to record a message to my future husband,” she captioned another Instagram post.

“My future husband, you will have to settle for this. I am not ruining myself again. You will have to settle for the fact that I do not want more babies, If you want more, you’re going to have to have money for me to buy another tummy and this time it will be tough.”

A message for her future husband