‘Emily in Paris’ season two: W

‘Emily in Paris’ season two released on Netflix on 22 December. Image via Instagram @emilyinparis.

‘Emily in Paris’ season two: Will it be Gabriel or Alfie?

‘Emily in Paris’ released on 22 December and her two love interests Gabriel and Alfie have since been all the rage on social media.

‘Emily in Paris’ season two: W

‘Emily in Paris’ season two released on Netflix on 22 December. Image via Instagram @emilyinparis.

The second season of the much-anticipated comedy-drama series Emily in Paris released on Netflix on 22 December and the Twitter streets are gushing over her love interests.


Season two of Emily in Paris, which stars Lily Collins is filled with love, adventure and love. Emily, who works at the marketing firm Savior attempts to navigate her career, personal life and learn French in season two. She also has to deal with the repercussions of her fling with her friend’s boyfriend — chef Gabriel (played by Lucas Bravo)…but she finds a love interest of her own. 

The season sees Emily vacation in St Tropez and stay on top of her game career wise but also has a twist. At the end of season two, Emily is left with a tough career choice. She has to choose between staying at Savior and working her way to the top like she always dreamed. Her other option is to join the “French Revolution” of the advertising world as a part of Sylvie’s new team. This is a tough decision for Emily because she is choosing between a potential promotion or to stay in Paris and explore her talents. 

Emily seems to have made up her mind at the end of season two but the series ends with the cliffhanger of her decision. So, we will not know what Emily chooses unless there is a season three.

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Emily’s love interests Gabriel and Alfie are all the rage this season. 

Gabriel and Emily have a complicated situation because he was dating Emily’s friend Camille when they got together. The first season ended on the cliffhanger of them hooking up. At the time Emily thought Gabriel was leaving Paris but he stayed so things got quite heated in the chef’s kitchen. 

The social media lover caught the attention of British banker Alfie (played by Lucien Laviscount) in her French class. The two begin to date and Alfie is really into Emily but… does she still have feelings for Gabriel? 

Alfie moves back to London but he is determined to give long distance a shot. However, Emily makes a bold decision at the end of season two which leaves viewers puzzled. 

We would only know who Emily chooses if Netflix releases a third season of the series.

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