Kairo Forbes piano skills

The late AKA’ and his daughter Kairo. images via Instagram @djzinhle

The legacy lives – AKA’s daughter Kairo displays amazing piano skills [watch]

Emotional Kairo Forbes proved she is ready to take over her father, AKA’s legacy with outstanding piano skills

Kairo Forbes piano skills

The late AKA’ and his daughter Kairo. images via Instagram @djzinhle

Kiernan Jarryd Forbes popularly known as AKA’s legacy lives on as his daughter Kairo Forbes produced exceptional piano skills to carry on the megacy.

After his unexpected death earlier in February, it looked as if the megacy had lost it all. Thank God, AKA’s blood still runs in her daughter Kairo Forbes, and she had many of her father’s talents like piano skills. AKA was a man of many talents; although his voice overrode all, he could play many musical instruments. AKA was a decent piano player, and that was an excellent foundation for his remarkable career.

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Thanks to her mother, DJ Zinhle, Kairo has an excellent platform to become a great artist. Indeed, there is every hope that Kairo will fill his father’s boots as she shows good piano skills. Having AKA and DJ Zinhle’s blood, Kairo has every chance of being great.

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Regarding resources and opportunities, Kairo is privileged enough to launch a great career in the music industry. She has her father’s legacy and loyal fans who belong to the megacy. Her mother, DJ Zinhle, is also a prominent artist in the industry, and she is more than ready to give her daughter a stepping stone.

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Playing her piano, Kairo reproduced John Legend’s hit song All of me. The sound that came out was smooth and pleasing to the ear. Her little movement showed how much she was into the music, a rare attribute given her age. No doubt, if Kairo continues to develop her piano and many other skills, she will be able to carry on AKA’s legacy.

Watch AKA’s daughter Kairo.

It is still too early to expect Kairo to play the piano like his father, AKA, did as an adult, but the signs are good. However, it is essential now to support Kairo as she has shown interest in the music industry. The pressure of the industry is massive, and the for a girl of her age, there is a need for all the support for her to realise her promising future.