N4 tolls

What you’ll pay in N4 tolls heading to the border this holiday. Picture: File.

THIS is what N4 tolls will cost in SA over December holidays

Heading to the border this December? Be sure to set aside extra money as you negotiate these N4 tolls in SA.

N4 tolls

What you’ll pay in N4 tolls heading to the border this holiday. Picture: File.

As the country counts the days to the holidays, if you’re one of the tens of thousands travelling to the border, here are the N4 tolls you will have to pay along the way.

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Travelling from Pretoria to Botswana or Maputo Mozambique, is not just a popular route for hijacked cars. The N4 is a popular one for Vaalies looking for a splash of exotica over December. Or foreign nationals traveling home for Christmas.

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Below we’ll share the N4 tolls with you for the festive season, but don’t forget that this thoroughfare gets absolutely jammed over South Africa’s busiest travel time. The N4 tolls don’t just empty your wallet, they also create lots of tailbacks.

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The N4 is also listed as one of the most accident-dense highways in South Africa, so travel carefully. And be sure to use our handy checklist at the link to make sure you can legally take your vehicle across the border.  


N4 tolls
Picture: File

For the sake of ease of use, we’re only focusing on Class 1 travel, which refers to light motor vehicles. Classes 2,3 and 4 are for heavy vehicles and therefore not included in this list:


TollLineRoute Operator Cost
Quagga Main lineMagalies EasternSANRALR5,50
PelindabaMain lineMagalies WesternSANRALR7,00
DoornpoortMain linePretoria – BritsBakwenaR18,00
K99 interchangeRampLocal destinationsBakwenaR18,00
BritsMain lineBrits – MooinooBakwenaR18,00
BuffelspoortRampLocal destinationsBakwenaR18,00
MarikanaMain lineMooinooi – RustenburgBakwenaR26,50
Kroondal RampLocal destinationsBakwenaR18,00
SwartruggensMain lineRustenburg – ZeerustBakwenaR91,00

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DonkerhoekW rampTrACR15,00
CullinanW rampTrACR19,00
Diamond HillMain linePretoria – MpumalangaTrACR45,00
ValtakiE rampTrACR35,00
EkandustriaE rampTrACR28,00
MiddelburgMain lineWestern MpumalangaTrACR75,00
MachadoMain lineMiddle MpumalangaTrACR112,00
NkomaziMain lineEastern MpumalangaTrACR84,00
MoambaMain lineKomatipoort -­ MaputoTrACTrAC website

*Fees courtesy of Foresight Publications.

For holidaymakers travelling from Pretoria to the borders, N4 tolls in SA this December will come to R166 to Botswana and R316 to Mozambique, if you are travelling on the main line.

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